Tungsten Radiation Shielding Standard

Tungsten Alloy Shielding

ASTM B777-99 Standard is Tungsten Alloy Specification for Tungsten Radiation Shielding Materials.

tungsten radiation shielding standard

1.Tungsten radiation shielding standard cover the requirements for four classes of machinable, high-density tungsten base metal produced by consolidation of metal powder mixtures of which the composition is mainly tungsten alloy specifications. Different tungsten alloy specifications have different uses for radiation shielding, we can provide all kinds of tungsten alloy specifications according to your requirements.

2.Special Applications-different products of tungsten alloy specifications have different applications for radiation shielding, properties or requirements may be important. These alloys may contain elements that make them magnetic. Class 4 is not available in a non-magnetic grade. For purposes of this specification, non-magnetic characteristics of tungsten alloy specifications are defined as material having a maximum magnetic permeability of 1.05. Also for special applications involving large sections, methods for determining internal quality, such as mechanical tests on specimens from these larger sections or suitable nondestructive tests may be applied. If required, these additional tests shall be specified in the purchase order. We can offer many tungsten alloy specifications with the standard size as well as design model especially for you.